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VEROVACCiNES (GO-Bio funded)

Based on Kluyveromyces lactis, a yeast, holding the so-called GRAS-status (generally recognized as safe),

we developed a simple, new, low-cost vaccination procedure (cooperation with Prof. Dr. Karin Breunig). The yeast cells stably express one or more viral proteins, which, in case, may form highly immunogenic virus-like particles. Following killing and drying of the yeast cells, the material is solubilized in water or phosphate buffer saline and subcutaneously applied. We could show that the vaccination is highly effective: tests with four different types of economically important animal viruses and four species of target animals (mouse, chicken, pig and cattle) revealed full protection against an infection after one or two applications of the yeast vaccine. The vaccination was shown to have a positive safety profile. Other major advantages involve that the vaccines are virus free and, accordingly, safe and thermostable. Moreover, their application enables a discrimination of vaccinated from naturally infected animals. This research project has been funded by the GO-Bio-program of the BMBF. In 2017 we founded a company, VEROVACCiNES GmbH to bring the results of the funding project to the market.

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