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AB Enzymology - Postranslational protein modifications

The interaction of proteins with binding partners or substrates is regulated by a wide range of post-translational modifications. Modern mass spectrometric methods has resulted in an explosively increase of known modification sites of several proteomes.  Indeed, it could not be said which enzyme modified the target proteins and in which way the various post-translational modifications interact with one another. Our research group developed the SPACE-CHIP technology (Single Peptide Array for Characterization of Enzymes) to determine systematically enzymatic reactions on peptide microarrays. The research of our group is focused on:

  • analysis of molecular mechanisms of protein-modified enzymes in regard to kinases, acetyltransferases, methyltransferes and histone deacetylases
  • development of continuous enzyme assays, especially of those who can remove theses post-translational modifications
  • the specificity of protein domains recognizing post-translational modified proteins